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Atsushi Hosoi's work investigates the changes that occur in our perception of space when visible objects switch from two to three dimensions. Hosoi strategically places thin linear structures in his studio, creating an environment which is constantly changing according to the point of view of the observer. The shape of the sculptures creates an optical illusion which that allows the work to fluctuate between appearing flat and three dimensional.

This 'game' invites the viewer to consider the work in relation to the space which it occupies, defining with its lines the so-called 'negative space' which becomes an integral part of the work. Simultaneously, the appearance and disappearance of the 'negative space' changes our perception of the space thereby revealing and questioning our ways of seeing.

Atsushi Hosoi has exhibited widely in Japan and was included in group shows in Canada and Macedonia. Forthcoming commitments include a solo show in Tokyo in autumn and a commission to make a large scale sculpture for the World Cup in Japan in 2002.