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Basir Mahmood, One For Each, Two For All (Triptych), 2013. Acrylic Face Mounted Photo Rag (30cm by 45 cm). Courtesy Grey Noise.

Basir Mahmood, A message to the sea, 2012. Video, duration 00:06:03. Courtesy Grey Noise.

Basir Mahmood, Thank You For Coming, 2013. Video, duration 00:06:35. Courtesy Grey Noise.

Using video, film and photography, Basir Mahmood weaves various threads of thoughts, findings and insights into poetic sequences and various forms of narrative. In order to engage with situations around him, he examines ordinary social and historical terrains alongside his own personal milieu.
At Gasworks he intends to use the aesthetics of documentary to explore the everyday reality of a completely foreign context.


Basir Mahmood lives and works in Lahore, Pakistan. His work has been shown at The Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2012); the Broad Museum, Michigan (2012) and at the Third Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Moscow, Russia (2012).

The residency is supported by Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust, British Council Pakistan and VASL.