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"Despite their involvement in all struggles the history of African women is still largely untold. This level of marginalisation has often erased black heroines from public history. This has undermined my self-esteem, contributing to a sense of powerlessness and isolation. Today, without doubt, my greatest heroine is my mother who devoted her whole life to her family, ensuring its unity and survival.

In this series of prints I seek to celebrate female pioneers and heroines, showing their place in history and presenting them as the role models that history books and media have made invisible. With this work I hope to portray an empowered state of Black African women showing their active and equal participation in society. To embody this I refer to the Zulu phrase Wathint'Abafazi Whathint'Imbokodo, meaning 'You Strike a Woman, You strike a Rock'." Bongi Bengu has exhibited in South Africa and the USA. She is currently based at the Bag Factory Artists Studios in Johannesburg.