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Brook re-locates ideas of institutional and dominant world culture within his own position as a Wiradjuri/Australian man living today. He challenges autocratic and global dominant cultural strategies by using the power of mass global media advertising. Brook juxtaposes both text with object/photograph sourced from the streets of London and the collections of museums/societies' of Great Britain. This is not the first time Brook has worked with ethnographic imagery and text, Although it is the first time where he has dared to match contemporary and historical 'eroticised' images, such as the cigarette but with other buts.

Brook has completed his PhD at the College of Fine Arts, University of NSW, Sydney, and has lectured at Sydney University, University of NSW and Australian National University, Canberra. He also completed two major public artworks for Sydney International Airport and The Sydney Olympics. Selected exhibitions include the Venice Biennale, the Pacific Biennale, Noumea. He created installations at the Australian Museum and the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter. He is even been a Visiting Fellow at Goldsmith College, London.