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During her Gasworks residency Bulelwa Madekurozwa has produced a body of paintings and prints which explore and challenge the relationship between men and women and between the private and the public. Through strong and provocative images, Madekurozwa questions issues of gender, sexuality and cultural norms.

'I paint people because figuration is a better vehicle for my ideas and is more accessible to the viewer, especially in Zimbabwe. I use my art to re-create the world on my own terms; taboos become exposed and the hidden is given prominence. In my work, women are more than just powerless beasts of burden and the male body becomes objectified for the delight of the voyeur. In this world there is no black and white but it is full of everything in between'.

Bulelwa Madekurozwa studied Fine Arts at Harare Polytechnic where she currently teaches. She has exhibited widely in Zimbabwe and has participated in residencies in USA and UK. Bulelwa has won several awards, including a painting prize in 1997 at the 1st Biennale of Visual Arts by Women Artists in Zimbabwe. She lives and works in Harare.

London Printworks Trust in Brixton have generously provided facilities and technical support for Bulelwa to work towards the end of her residency. An exhibition of work in progress marks the first collaboration between LPT and Gasworks. The exhibition will run from 10 - 17 September at The London Printworks Trust, Unit 7, Brighton House, Brighton Terrace, Brixton, London SW9 8DJ (by appointment: 020 7738 7841). Bulelwa will give a slide talk at The Africa Centre, Covent Garden on 7 September at 6.30pm.

Bulelwa Madekurozwa and Shepherd Mahufe's residencies, exhibitions and outreach programme have been made possible through the support of Arts for Everyone and The British Council, Harare.