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For Cecilia Mandrile the residency involved her continuation of an ongoing project dealing with the experience of travelling. Her work explores issues of displacement and ways of 'fitting in' in constantly changing situations. Mandrile views herself as a "nomad" artist working with small portable installations which can be carried in a suitcase, their narratives subtly changing depending on the context of their installation.

During her time at Gasworks, Cecilia combined her collection of photographs and prints with objects found in London. These pieces formed an ongoing installation to be carried around the city and documented with a series of photos in London surroundings.

Solo exhibtions include 'Nocturnal Toys - Strategies of Departure' at the Cesar Chavez Student Center, San Francisco State University (1999) and 'Milagros Ponce de Leon - Cecilia Mandrile' at the Parent's Association Gallery, University of Maryland (1998).