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During her residency Hui-Ju has created a conceptual film piece. It is an attempt to externally represent her internal monologue - drawing on Oriental philosophy, Jungian psychoanalysis and existentialist writings.

Life is like an enigmatic text as transient as a brief drama. The darkness becomes a latent shadow that subsides in our souls. In her film an elusive shadowy feather hovers through the silent void. For Hui-Ju, the feather is a metaphor of lightness that confronts with the weight of inner being. Films' inherent ephemeral and elusive quality provides a means to explore the paradoxes of now/past, presence/absence, illusion/reality.

Hui-Ju was born in Taiwan and has studied in the US, Canada and Italy. She has exhibited in various group exhibitions in Taiwan, the US and Canada. In February 2001, Hui-Ju will be taking part in a group exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan.

Hsieh Min-Wen and Chen Hui-Ju supported by The Council for Cultural Affairs, Taiwan and Taiwan International Artists