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Claudette Schreuders is a South African sculptor whose carved and painted wooden diminutive figures reflect the ambiguities of the search for an 'African' identity in the post-apartheid era. Her sculpture is rooted in both Africa and Europe and she derives her inspiration for a number of sources including medieval church figures, West African carving and Spanish portraiture.  Narratives are essential to Schreuders. Through the origins of her stories, Screuders often makes public that which is private. In Autobiography of Complexity by Rory Bester, Schreuders reveals, “The human figure is quite easy to identify with and become sentimental about. So I avoid images that are too comfortable or familiar”.

Born in 1973 in Pretoria, Claudette Schreuders lives and works in Cape Town, where she graduated with a master’s degree from the Michaelis School of Fine Art in 1998.