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By contrasting and challenging the perceived interiority of embodiment with exteriority, display, and surface, Claudia broadens the liminality of the body and private space. She works with installation, sculpture, photography, interventions and other media to create her often unsettling work, which quietly upsets the borders between public and private.

Using external surfaces such as doors, masks, walls, and clothing, she refers to a perpetually inaccessible and often intangible interiority. They are works of distraction, a continual deflection from the location of the 'real' body, putting fantasies, memories, and fabrication in its place.

Claudia says of her residency: 'Having the time to recite ideas, to build and take a distance, to look and come back at the piece: that's the exercise plan.'

The popular culture aimed at women in the UK was a source of interest for Claudia during her residency, such as soap operas, glossy magazines, high street fashion and 'chick lit'. She became interested in the masquerades, pleasures and problematics created by the mass media pressures on women in the UK today.

Claudia's residency was supported by Visiting Arts