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Daniel Boyd, We call them Pirates out here, 2006. Oil on canvas

Daniel Boyd, Lets stay together, 2008. Oil on canvas

Daniel Boyd, Treasure Island, 2005. Oil on Canvas 

Daniel Boyd, Untitled, 2011, archival inkjet print, archival glue, oil paint

Daniel Boyd, Untitled, 2011, archival inkjet print, archival glue, oil paint

Daniel Boyd, Untitled, 2011, archival inkjet print, archival glue, oil paint

Questioning the romantic notions that surround the birth of Australia, Daniel Boyd creates gently ironic works, exploring ideas relating to British and European engagement with indigenous peoples. Stemming from the perspective of an aboriginal Australian, his practice is an ongoing dialogue challenging the subjective history dominated by views rooted in colonial Europe. In his earlier works, Boyd has appropriated and reworked images of colonial icons such as captain James Cook, recasting these 'heroes' as pirates, thieves and murderers. In his recent practice the artist has developed techniques for modern image making that reference the patterns of traditional aboriginal paintings to treat subjects ranging from traditional objects to imported Christian iconography.

During his residency at Gasworks, Boyd responds to a collection of ethnographic material from Europe's first encounter with the Australian land held in The Natural History Museum, engaging with issues of colonisation and dispossession/ repatriation of artefacts and human remains. The resulting work will be exhibited in The Images of Nature Gallery at the museum in early 2012.

Daniel Boyd's residency will be concluded with his Souvenirs of Australia talk on the 24 September at Gasworks. He will discuss his concerns about Australia's colonial history with a panel of experts. Daniel Boyd will also partake in an open studio weekend on the 24-25 September.  

Recent solo shows include: Freetown. Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney, Australia (2009), Let's Stay Together, Uplands Gallery, Melbourne, Australia (2008), I'm Still in Love with You, Mori Gallery, Sydney, Australia (2008), Fatal Impact-Invasion of the South Pacific, Mori Gallery, Sydney (2007), THE RIGHTEOUS WILL REIGN, Mori Gallery, Sydney, Australia (2006), Polly Don't Want no Cracker Neither, Mori Gallery, Sydney, Australia (2005).

This residency is developed in partnership with the Natural History Museum, London. The residency and subsequent exhibition is supported by the Arts Council England and the Natural History Museum.