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David Mutiloa, FORMAL EXERCISE NR2, 2015. Detail. Prints on paper and lacquered steel display system, 30 elements of 105 x 72 cm each and variable dimensions installation. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Roberto Ruiz

David Mutiloa, A GOOD DISPLAY, 2013. Exhibition view. Lacquered steel, stainless steel and plastic connectors. Variable dimensions. Courtesy of the artist.

David Mutiloa, FORMAL EXERCISE NR2 / SCULPTURES, 2014/2015. Exhibition view. Steel, fiberglass, polyester and polyurethane. 79 elements of variable dimensions. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Roberto Ruiz.

David Mutiloa’s studio, Summer Open Studio, Gasworks, 25 June 2016.

David Mutiloa's studio. Summer Open Studio, Gasworks, 25 June 2016.

David Mutiloa explores the legacy of postmodernism and how art, design and the market began to converge during the 1970s and 80s. Through sculpture, installation and design, he focuses on the relationships between postmodernism, entrepreneurialism and corporate development, reworking historical forms and strategies of display to unravel the political, economic and social role of culture past and present.

During his residency at Gasworks, David continued his research into the 1970s and 80s as the key decades in which the project of modernity began to dissolve and turned into despair and impotence. For the Open Studio event he produced a series of works based on a range of Olivetti office furniture produced at a time when the workplace and traditional models of labour were being transformed and flexibility became the hallmark of work.


David Mutiloa studied Industrial Design and Fine Arts in both the Basque Country and Barcelona (Spain). Recent solo exhibitions include Differently from what I had expected, García Galería, Madrid, Spain (2016); Formal Exercise, Blue Project Foundation, Barcelona, Spain; Notes on Color, Grey Projects, Singapore (both 2015); Good displays catch crowds, Huarte, Navarra, Spain (2014); and It’s hard to find a good lamp, García Galería, Madrid, Spain (2013). Recent group exhibitions include Generación 2016, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain (2016); Species of Spaces, Macba, Barcelona, Spain (In collabotarion with Serafín Álvarez); The Dark Side of the Party, SOS 4.8, Murcia, Spain (both 2015); The World of Interiors, The Green Parrot, Barcelona, Spain (2014); FAQ: Zone of frequently asked questions, Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona, Spain; Mutabilità. Strade del possibile, A. Marco Magnani, Sassari, Italy (both 2013).

David Mutiloa’s residency was supported by Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) and he was hosted in The Roberts Residency Studio.