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Deborah Joyce Holman, These notes are spread through rtf, ig and pages i’ve marked but never re-read, 2018. Kanekalon hair, silkscreen print on viscose. Dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Neige Sanchez.

Deborah Joyce Holman, A Soft Spiral, 2019. Exhibition view. Courtesy of the artist & Mikro, Zurich. Photo: Raphael Wanner.

Deborah Joyce Holman, Loss, 2019. Print on mesh pvc, kanekalon hair. Dimensions Variable. Courtesy of the artist & Mikro, Zurich. Photo: Raphael Wanner.

Deborah Joyce Holman, yesterday I cried for 3 hours, now I'm blessed tho so all good - I got myself&@s for that, 2018. Inkjet on paper. Dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist and Alienze, Lausanne. Photo: Ardita Meha.

Deborah Joyce Holman is an artist and curator whose work and writing considers notions of legitimacy, authorship and subjectivity and representation. Her recent work has confronted how marginalised groups are represented and instrumentalised by institutions as a means to engage in socially critical discourse. Joyce Holman confronts the commodification of Otherness, complicating the narrative on the representation of queer people of colour and other marginalised groups.

During her residency at Gasworks, Deborah plans to continue her work using text as a medium and will conduct research into Black queer voices within the European continent through and engagement with archives, scholars and collectives and reading groups. Of particular interest is the historic, social, political and linguistic differences of the two contexts of Switzerland and the UK in cultural and academic production.


Deborah Joyce Holman lives and works between Lausanne & Basel. Recent exhibitions and performances include: A Soft Spiral, Mikro, Zurich; Towards the Theory of Jet Lag, Auto Italia, London (both 2019); Extime, Live In Your Head, Geneva; Rich, since my pinky points at me, Alienze, Lausanne (both 2018); Elemental Gestures, Topic, Geneva; The Pavillon, ETH Hönggerberg, Pavillon Garden, Zurich; O D E, Reto, Zurich; Episode 10: Boudoir Sulk, OSLO10, Basel (all 2017); and Venusia, Locale Due, Bologna (2016). She is the founder and director of 1.1, Basel, since 2015, a platform for emerging arts and music practices.

Deborah Joyce Holman’s residency is supported by Pro Helvetia