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Ebun Sodipo, Atlantic Cruises, 2019. Documentation of performance with Rosa Uddoh. Embassy Gallery, London. Courtesy of the artist.

Ebun Sodipo, although it may seem absurd, the earth also moves, 2018. Documentation of performance. Narrative Projects, London. Courtesy of the artist.

Ebun Sodipo, in the thick of it, 2019. Wall vinyl. BBZ BLK BK Alternative Graduate Show, Copeland Gallery, London. Courtesy of BBZ. Photo: Katarzyna Perlak.

Ebun Sodipo, Illustrations for Libations, Attestations, Affirmations, 2019. Still. Digital Video Collage. Courtesy of the artist.

Ebun Sodipo works across film, performance, installation, sound, poetry and fiction, to devise new languages and tools with which to imagine and speak about the body and the past, specifically for future black trans people.

Through an archival practice, they collage moving and still image, sound and text from social media to form rich, affective illustrations of contemporary black subjects living under the legacy of slavery and colonialism. In Sodipo’s performances, these video collages are combined with text, installation and movement, focusing more directly on the black trans-feminine body through their presence and narration of the projected images. Opacity and fragmentation are crucial strategies in their work, used to resist the enforced transparency of the colonised subject and their culture, and prioritise diasporic cartographies and references over western modes of knowledge production and subjectivity.

Their recent work has considered the image in relation to the ongoing erasure of African gender possibilities, through the uncovering of embodied knowledge that connects across time to non-genetic trans ancestors. The mirage, and the shimmer and glimmer of the surface of water is used in this work as a device to think through the instinctual, bodily desires and pulls Sodipo feels as a trans-person.

Photographs of Ebun's Studio


Ebun Sodipo lives and works in London. Recent exhibitions and performances include; Making Ground, Embassy Gallery, London; BBZ Alternative Graduate Show, Copeland Gallery, London; away, completely: denigrate, Narrative Projects (all 2018); EAST – Eating At The Same Table, Willesden Gallery Widening the Gaze, Slade UCL (2018); I Will Hold Your Gaze, Chelsea College of Arts, London; and The OTHER’D ARTIST, Transmission Gallery, London (both 2017).

Gasworks Studio Residencies are a response to outbreak of Covid-19, which has caused the postponement of our international residency programme. Until the programme can resume, the residency studios have been made available to London-based artists and writers who are currently unable to afford their own dedicated workspace.