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Jorge Satorre, The Barry’s Van Tour (making of), 2007.DVD, color, 13, 33 min. Cortesía Galerie Xippas, París/LAbor, Mexico

 Erick Beltrán, Double Space, Doll, Laussane, 2009. Cortesía Galería Joan Prats, Barcelona / Galeria Luisa Strina, Sao Paulo / Labor, Mexico

Erick Beltrán, Nothing but the truth: Public printing of lies. Amsterdam, 2003

 Jorge Satorre, Preliminary Drawing for "The Erratic. Measuring Compensation", 2009-10

Erick Beltrán and Jorge Satorre were born and live in Mexico City. Their residency is a collaboration with FormContent and the Centre for Iberian and Latin American Visual Studies (CILAVS) at Birkbeck College.

Erick Beltrán and Jorge Satorre will show the work developed during their Gasworks residency at FormContent between Thursday 9 September and Sunday 3 October.

Modelling Standard takes as a point of departure the radical historiographic approach introduced by Carlo Ginzburg in the 1970s. His methodology focused on localised, popular and disregarded micro-histories rather than universal, over-arching versions. The title of the exhibition further enphasises these ideas by referencing the scientific concept of the Standard Model, used in physics to explain the almost invisible interactions occurring between subatomic particles.

Modelling Standard is the first collaborative project between Jorge Satorre and Erick Beltrán, with drawings by Jorge Aviña. The project is a collaboration between Gasworks, FormContent and the Centre for Iberian and Latin American Visual Studies (CILAVS) at Birkbeck College.

Modelling Standard will be exhibited at FormContent (9 September to 3 october 2010). The exhibition will be curated by Catalina Lozano, Gasworks Residencies Coordinator.

Satorre's recent solo exhibitions include The Indirect Gaze, Le Grand Café, Contemporary Art Centre, Saint-Nazaire; The Happy Failure at Galerie Xippas, Paris; The Happy Failure, The process room, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin; and Ejercicios, La Casa Encendida, Madrid.

Erick Beltrán's solo exhibitions include Calculum Series at Galeria Joan Prats, Barcelona, Tolv/ Zeigarnik effect at Malmo Konsthall; Efecto Rashomon/Bolivar at Matucana 100, Santiago de Chile; and Diagram at Tranzitdisplay, Prague.