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Fabiano Marques' studio at Gasworks

Fabiano Marques works in video, performance and site specific installation. Marques often approaches the production and presentation of his work as if it were a game, building structures which have their own rules of interaction. Such works often rely on duration.

Marques playfulness often responds to specific settings, as in Mar Pequeno (2003), a work that takes the name of a tropical setting some 150 kilometres away from Sao Paulo, Brazil where many rivers join the South Atlantic. The work documents a 7-hour interaction between the artist and a series of floating wooden structures which, at times, function as a raft. Marques’ relationship to this floating sculpture is conditioned by the sea tides and the weather he must endure. This situation continuously shifts his role from its creator to its subject.

In Talco-Tec-Tic-Talk-Show (2008), a performance in the guise of a public talk delivered by three speakers, the artist takes on the role of a DJ. As the speeches are given simultaneously Marques cuts, mixes and edits snippets into a collage of disconnected fragments. An extra microphone is left open to the audience who are invited to ask questions and interact. However, the audience's contributions are under the final editorial scrutiny of the artist. This work deals with control and censorship within an apparently open communication.

During his residency at Gasworks, Marques continued Temporize and Permeation, a look at the Fabian Thought in England, a research project initiated in 2007 during his residency at Site Gallery in Sheffield. The work developed from a chance encounter with the term “Fabianism” and the concept of Fabian Societies, arguing for gradual social reform as opposed to revolutionary means.

Marques also investigated the possibility of making a moto-continuum machine; a vehicle that can generate its own energy to propel itself. Marques' efforts were a stubborn will to defy the basic principles of physics which inevitably cause a loss in energy and the projects failure. Such a heroic endeavour also reflects the artists' interest in modern utopias.

Fabiano Marques was born in Santos and lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Solo exhibitions include: Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo, Brazil (2006); Ateliê Aberto, Campinas, Brazil (2005). Group exhibitions include: Verbo, Galeria Vermelho, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2008); Programme Tropico-Végétal (Lost in Paradise), Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France (2006). Marque has also participated in Programa de Residencias Artist Links, Centro Cultural Sao Paulo, Brazil (2008); Three-Island International Artists Workshop, Tanera Mor, Scotland (2007).