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Green Cola, from the series 'Parafunctional objects and structures' 1998-2004

from the series 'Parafunctional objects and structures' 1998-2004

Gabriel Sierra’s practice is situated at the intersection between art and design. His works develop from the observation and experience of everyday situations, often finding inspiration in Colombian popular culture and beliefs.  As well as his domestic scaled works, other projects have involved developing site specific installations, such as an exhibition space in the Sao Paulo Biennial 2008, Brazil.

In Compuesto Verde (Green composition/compound), 2006, from his Stepmothernature series, Sierra uses humour and irony to approach issues around ownership and domestication of natural foods. The artist produced stickers with slogans such as “Naturaleza muerta desde 1492”  (which would translate “Still life since 1492”, or literately “Dead nature since 1492” ), “The earth is flat like this orange”, and “Gringo come home”which were put on pieces of fruit and given out to viewers.

Between 1998 and 2004, Sierra worked on what he calls his “para-functional” objects and inventions. Sometimes attaining more of a poetic function than a practical one, these objects were created by translating popular local beliefs as well as Sierra's domestic observations into carefully crafted and functional objects. Within the series Sierra references a local Colombian practice of using tobacco to deter worms from trees by making bespoke tobacco-filled cuffs for their branches. In another work from the series, Sierra designs socks for furniture to stop them getting cold as well as scratching the floor and making noise.

Gabriel Sierra's residency was part of

Everything has a name, or the potential to be named

, a project comprising of residencies, an exhibition and events. During his time at Gasworks Sierra developed new work for the exhibition. He made a series of ephemeral works for the exhibition, which highlighted the often conflicting relationship between natural and man-made elements.

Gabriel Sierra was born in San Juan Nepomuceno, Colombia and lives and works in Bogotá. He has worked designing exhibition spaces such as La Casa del Encuentro (MDE07 Espacios de hospitalidad, Medellín, Colombia. 2007), and the 28th Sao Paolo's Biennial (Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2008). His work has been shown among others in Amorfo-Sin Título (Espacio la Rebeca, Bogotá. 2004), Compuesto Verde (CAC, Brètigny- sur Orge. France, 2006), Día de Frutas y Nubes Negras (El Bodegón, Bogotá. 2006), and Sueño de casa propia (La Casa Encendida, Madrid. 2007).