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Opening speech by Karl Rossman.

Goldin+Senneby is the framework for collaboration between artists Simon Goldin and Jakob Senneby. Their practice notably explores the increasing prevalence of the immmaterial - within contemporary culture, where it can create porosity and openness, and within circuits of consumption, where it is capable of producing pure value with no material referent.

The Port (2004-2006) is a community driven island and meeting point operated by Goldin+Senneby on Second Life, which among other projects functioned as the editorial base for the magazine Flak Attack (2005-2006). The Port aimed to explore the possibilities offered by Second Life, encompassing yet going beyond its current predominant uses as new branding territory and a space for the flourishing of online subcultures. The Port existed as a community of around 50 members, all of whom were able to initiate projects submitted and discussed via a wiki.

After Microsoft (2006-2007) was a project in which Goldin+Senneby set out to find the piece of land pictured in the standard desktop image provided with all Microsoft computers. This image, which is finally being phased out, is the most distributed image of all time and sums up a number of visual cues common in corporate branding of recent years. After a process of researching the image's origins, the artists have re-photographed the scene.

Goldin+Senneby residency was part of Disclosures, which comprises numerous events, residencies and commissions. The project culminated in a series of encounters in April 2008, providing a critical exploration of the legacies and potentials of open-source cultures both within media arts and visual arts practices. For Disclosures Goldin+Senneby developed a new chapter of Headless, an ongoing project that began with an existing offshore company and is developing into a series of fictions, revelations, and meta-fictions, 'exploring the projects and mythologies of the invisible'.



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