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During her Gasworks residency, Min Wen created an environmental experience consisting almost entirely of scrapped and shredded paper.

Her Open Studio piece was a continuation of a project initiated in 1998 with Soul Confession which combined several techniques and treatments of paper. This piece takes a component of the previous work and turns it into a whole, highlighting the obsessive nature of the process. It creates an intense but cozy experience for the viewer, in response to Min Wen's experience of London as a cold environment.

Hsieh Min Wen was born in Taiwan in 1972 and is currently studying for her MFA. She has taken part in various exhibitions in Taiwan, and was included in a group show of Taiwanese artists in Milan in 1998. Min Wen will be taking part in a group exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan.

Hsieh Min-Wen and Chen Hui-Ju supported by The Council for Cultural Affairs, Taiwan and Taiwan International Artists village.