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Much of Hu Xiangqian's work takes a critical glance at the social, political and municipal issues facing his town of Nanting, near Guangzhou.

Flying Blue Flag documents the experiment he made in local politics, when at the age of 21 he ran for mayor of Nanting. This was a position he was ineligible for in an election that many of the townspeople hadn't heard of. He uses every party political trick in the book, whether it's promising commercial regeneration, pushing gently on religious tensions, or simply offering to buy votes. His quixotic attempt, accompanied by copious back-slapping and waving of flags, drew out participation from both the cynics and the idealists in an act that temporarily energised the political life of a village.

Untitled is an equally poignant act, as Hu Xiangqian attempts to row away the island on which his university stands. The university, like all Chinese buildings, stand on government land, and the act reflected on the numerous disputes around the future of the university.

During his residency at Gasworks, Hu Xiangqian, created work for the group exhibition, Slash Fiction (April 2007) as well as carrying out his research and experimentation period. This exhibition and residency project was the first of a three-year project supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.