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 Hu Yun, The Monster (2010), pencil and watercolour on paper, 21 × 29cm

 Hu Yun, A Piece of Land (2010), pencil and watercolour on paper, 21 × 21cm

 Hu Yun, Green Economy (2009), installation, 100 × 100 × 174cm

 Hu Yun, Up to the Sky (2010), installation, fluorescent tube, metallic circular stairs, variable dimensions

Hu Yun lives and works in Shanghai, China. His residency is part of a three-year partnership between Gasworks and the Natural History Museum which seeks to activate the collections of the Museum through the work of contemporary artists from China (2010), Australia (2011) and India (2012).
Hu Yun works in various media including delicate drawings and watercolours as well as performances and videos. With the work, Yun aims to record everyday life and different natural phonomena by interacting with his immediate surroundings, investigating - often humorously - the possibilities of establishing a dialogue with nature.
During his residency Hu Yun had access to the the Natural History Museum's illustration collections with a special focus on the Reeves Collection which gathers hundreds of illustrations produced during British expeditions to China in the 19th Century. The residency culminated the creation of a video peice and illustrations currently on display as part of the new Images of Nature Gallery in an exhibition curated by Bergit Arends, Contemporary Art Curator at the Natural History Museum. 

Hu Yun recently had his first solo exhibition at Magician Space, Beijing, China. He has taken part in numerous group shows such as:Gallery Group Show, OV Gallery, Shanghai (2010); The Hand That Draws By Itself, 18 Gallery, Shanghai (2009); KAT A4, Gallery Box, Gothenburg (2009); PINK is the New Red,Triangle Gallery, London (2008).

Hu Yun's residency and subsequent exhibition is supported by the Arts Council England and the Natural History Museum.



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