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Huma Mulji's work addresses issues of cultural difference and sameness. She views travel as a temporary negotiation with another way of life, one which can provide a means of escape from the restricting conventions of the place where one belongs. The new place allows the freedom to push boundaries and engage in a dialogue of enquiry with oneself, experimenting and playing with identity. Mulji's recent works sit between these two destinations, belonging and isolation, closeness and distance, here and there, imagined and real versions of a place.

For the open Studios Mulji presented a new video work 'Flight' in which a western woman instructs a virtual traveler from Karachi to London how to wrap a traditional veil depending on occasion, country and varying traditions. The video documents the increasingly creative ways of wearing the head-dress, moving from the traditional to the absurd.

All About Us and Our Favourite Places

Huma has also completed a project with Gasworks education department and Vauxhall primary school. Using the kids as performers and cameraman, this documentary talks 'All About Us and Our Favourite Places.'  See the videos and read more about the project.