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Isaac Olvera, Helminto (Helminths), performance lecture still, 2013.

Isaac Olvera, Helminto (Helminths), performance lecture still, 2013.

Isaac Olvera, Day 2, Hypertrichosis, video installation, 2013.

Isaac Olvera’s practice is centred around observing and identifying different forms of sociability in both public and more hidden, private spaces. Whether it’s a group of employees in an institution or a clandestine online network, Olvera never fully participates, examining instead how to disrupt or extend those relations through writing, video or installation. It is through these observations and their enactment that the artist both employs and critiques the homoerotic gaze, questioning the kind of narrative it can construct.

At Gasworks Olvera will continue his practice of essay and performance lecture series exploring different forms of homosociability and how it both shapes and is affected by current social networking sites.


Isaac Olvera lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico. He has had solo exhibitions at Bikini Wax (2013, México), Terminal Santorini (2013, México), Treignac Project (2010, France), and La Casa (2009, México). He has been part of group shows such as Los Irrespetuosos at Carrillo Gil Museum (2012, Mexico), Contemporary Baroque at Puebla (2012, México) and Alignment with Immaterial Labour at No Automático (2012, México) amongst others.

The residency is supported by COLECCION CIAC A.C. and the Mexican Embassy.