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Joon Kim, The Crystal World Open Laboratory, Sound installation, mixed media, 2012.

Joon Kim, Instant Landscape, 2013. Mixed media.

Joon Kim, Instant Landscape, 2013. Mixed media.

As his practice Joon Kim develops methods and devices to measure and decode electromagnetic waves. Looking at the city as a network of electromagnetic fields (EMF), Kim decodes and translates this invisible infrastructure into sound. Approaching his practice as fieldwork, Kim digs up digitally encrypted wavelengths and renders them audible. His work includes ‘Instant Landscape’ where the artist recorded a landfill site, sampling the decomposing waste and its production of gases as an audio installation.

At Gasworks Kim will experiment further with EMF, mapping the city into online accessible sound samples. You can visit his ongoing archive here


Joon Kim lives and works in Yongin, South Korea. Recent exhibitions include Reflect at Sound gallery, Seoul, Korea (2013), In situ at National Museum of Korean Contemporary History, Seoul, Korea (2013), Feedback Field at LEE Galerie, Berlin, Germany (2012), Feedback Field at Feed Soundspace, Berlin, Germany (2012).

This residency is supported by the Arts Council Korea.