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Jose Rosales, Sonto II, 2018. Low temperature ceramics, fabric and cotton wool. Courtesy of the artist.

Jose Rosales, Aquelarre I, 2018. Felt, fabric, paper and yarn. Courtesy of the artist.

Jose Rosales, Pornogramas, 2017-18. Video still. Courtesy of the artist.

Jose Rosales, Cuerpos básicos, 2017-18. Lard soap, plaster and resin on enriched soil. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Marcela Araya.

José Rosales’ practice is concerned with the ways in which certain bodies are characterised as divergent or not fully constituted, and the political forces and structures that seek to normalise them. His work is informed by the intersection between the aesthetics of power and popular culture, often appropriating mass media imagery, amateur gay pornography and objects and media made for children, to make visible the experience of particular sectors of society subject to structural violence and inequality.

During his residency at Gasworks, José will work on a project based around the "carné de salud del niño" (Child's Health Certificate), a document issued by the Costa Rican government to all new-born children that includes metrics, development indicators and administrative information. His research will consider how the certificate, as well as providing a record of births, also doubles as a device for classifying and pathologizing bodies in Costa Rica. The context of London will inform a comparative study into the ways in which births and bodies are registered and categorised.


José Rosales lives and works in Heredia, Costa Rica. He has a Bachelor degree in Arts and Visual Communication from the National University of Costa Rica (2018) and a Bachelor degree in Education from the University of Costa Rica (2019). Recent exhibitions include: Objetos internos, Galería Joven creación, Alianza Francesa; Queerpoéticas: Festival Corpotencialidades, Casa Azul Ciudad de Guatemala; and Bancarte: San José en el 2000, Museos del Banco Central (all 2017).

José Rosales’ residency is supported by The Shelagh Wakely Bequest, administered by the Elephant Trust.

Shelagh Wakely (1932 – 2011), was a British artist whose experimental practice combined visual art, sculpture and design with architecture. Wakely travelled widely in South-America, with special interest in Brazil, and her residence in London became a meeting point for Brazilian and Latin American artists.

The Elephant Trust administers the Shelagh Wakely Bequest, and the Shelagh Wakely Residency has been created in partnership with Gasworks to provide an emerging artist from Latin-America with a three-month residency opportunity in London.