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Karlos Gil, Moon Dance, installation shot, 2013.

Karlos Gil, Unmaking The World, video still, 2013.

Karlos Gil, Paperweight Quasicortex Lentiform, installation shot, 2012.

Inspired by diverse visual cultures, Karlos Gil’s installation and video work investigates the relationship and dependency between objects and language, exploring how one continuously informs the other. Referencing past works and theories of art, Gil rearranges them into new forms and associations. These have included a transcription of an imaginary dialogue between Stanley Kubrick and György Ligeti into a music notation, and the production of a tutorial video out of Claude Levi-Strauss’ work The Savage Mind.

At Gasworks Gil is planning to research the changing status of the object across history, making connections between 19th century English inventions and new technologies such as 3D printing.


Karlos Gil lives and works in Madrid, Spain. He has exhibited widely in Spain and internationally, with recent exhibitions at Junefirst Gallery, Berlin; FACT, Liverpool; Luisa Strina Gallery, Sao Paulo; Duplex, Madrid and the 3rd Moscow Biennale. He is the winner of Injuve prize 2013, and DKV – Alvarez Margaride.

This residency is supported by Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), a public institution whose purpose is to further and promote Spain’s culture and heritage within and beyond its borders.