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Katarina Šević, view of the Open Studio at Gasworks, 2009

Katarina Ševi's practice uses various media including film, performance and written text. Her work pays particular attention to the ways in which social phenomena and political events are represented through everyday objects and images. As a method of production Ševi often re-appropriates historical texts and objects or produces fictive scenarios of the future.

In House Museum, (2007) Ševi and Hungarian artist Gergely László took on the role of archaeologists, recovering artefacts from a family summer house which stood abandoned in the town of Žuljana, Croatia since the out break of war. The project spanned four summers and began in 2003 when Serbians were once again able to cross the Croatian border. For the artists, the project became not only an investigation into the numerous occupancies and passing events at the summer house, but an enquiry into how the story of a singular building can represent the collective history of the region. The objects, once categorised chronologically were presented in a museological display, anticipating their future interest as anthropological artefacts.

Ševi's installation piece News from Nowhere takes its name from the socialist science fiction novel published in 1890 by the artist and designer William Morris. The book was the starting point of the piece, which combines fragments of the original text with photographs of urban daily life. In doing so, Ševi suggests a new reading of the book by proposing it as a potential narrative of a contemporary mega-city, speculating on the effects that social change can have on urban heritage.

During her residency at Gasworks, Ševi developed Atlas of notion-design, a research project on the connections between design and its political and ideological constructs. It consisted of documentation of different designs, small objects and images created by the artist, fictive and real documents, thoughts and conversations.

Katarina Ševi was born in Novi Sad, in former Yugoslavia and now lives and works in Budapest, Hungary. Her work has been shown in group shows at Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (2008); Trafó Gallery, Budapest (2008); CIC, Cairo (2008); Apexart, New York (2006). Solo shows include House Museum, with Gergely László, Remont Gallery, Belgrade (2006) and Aula, Art Academy, Budapest (2006), FICTIONARY, SPACES gallery, Cleveland, USA (2004) and Fitness and Wellness, SKUC Gallery, Ljubljana (2002).