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Through paintings and site-specific installations, Krishna Luchoomun reconstructs and redefines familiar images and spaces found in nature and popular culture to create dialogue between them and the sublime experience.

In his Icons series 2000, mass-produced images of Hindu deities are reassembled and juxtaposed with those of Christianity and images from the media into new pictorial compositions that resemble the original Hindu prints. These appropriations of cross-cultural iconography comment on the friction between mass produced imagery of popular culture and of a personal desire for a utopian state of belief systems.

In the large scale painting Bois D'Or (Gold Forest) 2000, the upward dynamic of the tall trees is, through the simplest means of scale and form, an attempt to evoke the sublime and the transcendental. This approaches was expanded during Thami-mn-yele, Luchoomun's residency in Amsterdam, 2000. The installation Yellow Pages 2000 presented a spatial approach to themes developed in Bois D'Or, 2000. In this work, the gallery space was used as a site for a mock forest experience, with multitudes of yellow pages, glued together and processed by the artist, hung from the ceiling to the ground.

A more recent work, Déjeuner sur L'eau 2005, was conceived during the artist-led workshop pARTage 2005  which culminated in an exhibition in the Restaurant Gallery, Mauritius. Appropriating the title from Manet's Déjeuner sur L'herbe, Luchoomun created a table with chairs that floated in the middle of the river next to the restaurant. The floating dining-table for two plays on the sense of invitation yet unattainablility within the subject of the sublime.

Luchoomun is coordinator and founder of pArtage, an independent art organisation in Port Louis, Mauritius, which forms part of Triangle Arts Trust.

Open Studio

Open 22nd - 24th Sept 12-6pm
Anup Mathew Thomas, Hamra Abbas and Krishna Luchoomun host an open studio allowing visitors to view works in progress developed during their stay at Gasworks.