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“My artwork fuses together elements of humor, feminism and pop culture. My current body of work, The Secret History of Goddess Sites, documents places in Europe where female deities were worshipped. Some sites are dubious reconstructions. Many sites were replaced by churches and other sites were demolished and exist only in archaeological records. The photographs visually reference postcards and include descriptive text. The images recontextualize each site and address gender issues within the areas of religion, history, tourism, and archaeology.

For the Dating Surveillance Project I wore a coat rigged with a concealed miniature video camera and microphone to record my dates. The DSP arose from my belief that the process of dating paralleled a spy mission. Exhibited together, the large surveillance stills and video footage illustrate this concept. The project is an investigation into romantic role-playing, self- disclosure vs. privacy and the presence of surveillance in everyday life.

Detective work also figured prominently in Becoming Nancy Drew, a body of work in which I physically transformed myself into the famous girl sleuth from children’s literature and placed myself in photographic tableaux based on engravings from the books. Each Nancy Drew photograph is one part of a triptych that also includes a pinhole photograph from the scene and the caption from the original engraving. The three pieces within each triptych coexist as mysterious, cryptic, and familiar elements that work together to confront and expand the boundaries surrounding memory, identity and personal narrative.

The Artist Panty Vending Machine is a working vending machine selling artist panties, specifically my panties. Placed in a sealed plastic bag each previously worn panty includes a written account of my experiences on the day that I wore the panty - giving the purchaser a vicarious art life. Inspired by an actual event (in Japan schoolgirls sold their panties in vending machines), this project focuses on the idea of art as fetish object, the nature of celebrity and the perception that clothing retains an aura from its wearer.

Underclothes are also featured in the Live Action Painting Bra; I made paintings using a specially constructed mechanized bra that squirts paint out of the nipples. This mode of creating paintings examines the romantic idea that associates “action painting” with male genius and virility”.

Laurie Long