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Libita Sibungu, I’m not my. My… injuries are healed now, but I still don’t remember things. - Fledgling, Octavia. E. Butler, 2005, 2018. 30 minute performance, soundscape in collaboration with Chris Boyd.

Libita Sibungu, in and between place and home I, 2017. 90 minute performance. Polystyrene, epoxy, liquid rubber latex, bleached work wear, baby oil, coconut oil, charcoal. Photo: Something Human. Courtesy of the artist.

Libita Sibungu, in and between place and home II, 2017. 33 minute performance. Silt dredged from the river Avon, baby oil, coconut oil, flour, pastel, water. Image: Erika Tan. Courtesy of the artist.

Libita Sibungu, 1,2,1,2 //// black - voices - opera, 2016. 60 minute performance composed in collaboration with the Black British Classical Foundation. Video still 11”18’. Image: Hankin films. Courtesy of the artist.

Libita Sibungu generates performances, programmes events and sets up discursive situations, often working in partnership with DIY broadcasting / publishing cultures and collectives. Sampling from a variety of references including; sci-fi literature, music videos, set design and public theatre. She responds to sites of historical trauma and rupture through research, dialogue and interventions in space, calling into question accepted narratives and power structures.

During her residency at Gasworks, Libita will undertake research in archives associated with mining, migration and colonialism, focusing on the relationship between the UK and Africa, her own proximity to this and the edges of a mapped terrain. She will also collaborate with others to workshop sensorial and social experiences of landscape through movement, memory, rhythm and writing – ‘ processing whilst composing to reveal what is left out.’


Libita Sibungu is a British-Namibian artist based in Bristol. She graduated with a BA (Hons) in Print & Digital Media from Wimbledon College of Art, University of the Arts London in 2009. Recent exhibitions and performances include: 4717, RCA/LUX, Dyson Gallery, Royal College of Art, London; Memento Mori, Kalashnikovv 3.0, Johannesburg, (2018); DEBUNK, Arnolfini, Bristol; Going Along Without a Body, Iklectik, London; History Lessons: Fluid Records, South London Gallery, Iniva, London; Lexis Over Land – Towards a Feminist Geography, Tremenheere Sculpture Gallery, Cornwall; Diaspora Pavilion, 57th Venice Biennale; (all 2017); Gal-Dem WOC friday late, Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Beyond words, Book Works, Central Library, Hull; and Hard Copy, Home.alone, Clermont – Ferrand (all 2016).

Libita Sibungu is the third artist to take part in the Freelands Gasworks Partnership, a three-year programme for emerging artists based outside of London. Made possible thanks to a generous grant from the Freelands Foundation, the programme combines a three-month residency with a solo exhibition and series of public events at Gasworks. The previous participants were Jamie Crewe and Rachal Bradley. Libita is hosted in the Roberts Residency Studio.