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During her residency, Lien Shih-Yi's used a combination of painting, dyeing, and embroidery as a means of seeking a balance between media, techniques, and her personal thoughts.

Her work engaged the viewer on multiple levels. At a first glance the images showed a series of landscapes concerned with fixing a moment or mood, while a deeper look revealed the formal quality of the work, focussing the attention on the rhythmic processes involved in the making of the piece and in the relationships between the media used.

Embroidery played a large part in her work. Through the use of the fast disappearing craft, Lien attempted to record life and human relationships as the mind perceives them, infused with ideas and emotions, represented in her work through intricate and elaborate stitches.

Open studios were on the 12th December, 6-8pm and 13-15th December 12-6pm.

Supported by Visiting Arts, Taipei Artists Village, and The British Council, Taiwan