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Liu Chuang works in various media, most often making sculptural objects with a strongly conceptual basis. Much of his work is based around creating or perceiving small events. His series Sign, for example, consisted of small folded slips of paper , positioned in order to be knocked over by the gust of air of a person walking by. The work Untitled (Machine) channelled the city's water supply from his tap, through the tubes of a chair frame, and out into the gutter again. Only the chair's slight motion highlighted a system that connects the vast city.

Split Landscape is a two-dimensional rendering of the window cages prevalent on the window frames of many Chinese homes. Formally beautiful in itself, the work reflects on the ever-fluid boundaries between public and private space, as people attempt to take another few square feet for themselves. Split Landscape is also, to Liu Chuang, a way of recording the recent shift within China towards capitalist values such as the desire for private property.

During his residency at Gasworks, Liu Chuang created work for the group exhibition, Slash Fiction (April 2007) as well as carrying out his research and experimentation period. This exhibition and residency project was the first of a three-year project supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.