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Love Enqvist, Cooperative Movement, 2012.

Love Enqvist, Digger and Dreamers. Long term project consisting of photographs, lectures, sculptures, films, drawings and an artist book. Ongoing.

Love Enqvist, The Tree Circus. 16mm film, 2012.


Using film, performance, sound, photography, drawings and objects, Love Enqvist’s work explores the process of living and the condition of life. By questioning how we live and dwell, and reflecting upon that, the artist depicts the everyday as a fragmented, mysterious and often imaginary entity able to mirror the equally elusive nature of our inner self. His work draws upon a myriad of utopian visions which are expressed through architecture, community and personal reflections. The artist integrates elements that are usually given over to architecture, politics, philosophy, science and esoteric thought, so that art forms only one element among others in a complete thought process.

For his residency at Gasworks, Enqvist intends to conduct a research on the movement of the Diggers, a group of Protestant English agrarian communists, initiated by Gerrard Winstanley in the XV century. Famous for their attempts to farm on common land as a way to challenge the class society, the Diggers will offer a model of comparison for contemporary activist movements, such as Guerrilla Gardening and the 'Land is Ours'.


Love Enqvist lives and works outside of Stockholm, Sweden. He holds an MFA from the Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden. His work has been shown at Kuvataide Gallery, Helsinki, Finland (2002); Uppsala Art Museum, Uppsala, Sweden (2007); and Rogaland Kunstsenter, Stavanger, Norway (2010).

The residency is supported by IASPIS.