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Marco Lampis, view of the Open Studio at Gasworks, 2009

In his work, Marco Lampis focuses on incidental products, whether these are in the form of sound or found debris. Often working site specifically, the artist explores how we experience sound or place, and questions why such products as noise or dust become separated and in turn, disregarded. This interest is reflected in the environments he chooses to work with, as well as his approach to gathering and handling his materials. To create his sound works the artist uses analogue tape recorders, documenting not only the sounds produced in a certain environment but also the imperfections and materiality of the recording device itself.

In the intervention Fallimento (Failure) (2008), Lampis attempted to build a temporary, habitable studio/structure in an abandoned church using discarded material he collected from the church's grounds. Suspended from the high arches at the apse, the precarious tent-like structure inevitably collapsed, leaving the remains of the attempted sculpture on the church floor as a testament to his failure in self building.

Marco Lampis was born in 1976 in Cagliari and lives and works between there and Berlin. Recent exhibitions include Public Improvisation, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan (2008); Mulhouse 008, Ville de Mulhouse, France (2008); Shaping air, NEON Gallery, Bologna (2007); Background Noise, Spazio P Gallery, Cagliari (2008); Words of Death, La Pillola Gallery, Bologna (2007). He has also performed at several sonic art events including SoundLAB VI , Cologne, Germany (2009); Phonoramatico, Raum, Bologna (2008) and Electronic Church, Berlin (2008).