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Marcy Saude, Sangre de Cristo,16mm and HD; 26 min; 2011

Marcy Saude, Still from The Counter, work in progress

 Marcy Saude, The Counter, film, work in progress

Marcy Saude currently lives and works in Amsterdam. Her work is driven by observation and investigation of the world around her and involves subjects such as marginal histories, landscape, counterculture, and language. Through time-based media Saude aims to engage with the human brain’s hardwired tendency to create meaning, connection and narrative.


Saturday 10 August, 6pm

Saude's residency is part of SITUATION|EVENT (SIT|EV) a 60-day programme exploring live, durational and participatory contemporary art practice, bringing audiences in direct contact with the process of art making as it unfolds. Visit the SIT|EV page for the full programme of events.