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Marianna Christofides, Stereoscapes #1 (detail), 2011/12

Marianna Christofides, Reluctantly Real, Installation shot. 2012

Marianna Christofides, Token Specimen No.1 2012

With the obsessive use of outmoded media - stereoscopes, magic lantern slides, episcopes, daguerreotypes and ancient maps, Marianna Christofides’ recent work alludes both to the documentary and to the illusionary nature of photography’s history and how this history transformed our spatiotemporal relationship with the world. Within her installation works, documentary material and found images are used create new documents sitting somewhere between fact and fiction, poetic narratives that question the invention of our perceived reality.

During her residency, Cristofides will be pursuing research into the extensive mapping of Cyprus as a Bristish Colony up until the 1960’s, in several archives and photographic collections held in London.


Marianna Christofides lives and works between Cologne and Nicosia and her residency supported by TrAIN.