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Mauro Guzmán, Trilogy of Tragic Love Vol. 2 (The Nancy), 2008.
Video still, DVD colour and sound – 22:20 sec.

Mauro Guzmán, Animal Trilogy Vol. 1 (Linda Kong: Linda and the Blackness of the Art), 2009.
Video still, DVD colour and sound- 14:59 sec.

Mauro Guzmán, I have a dream, 2009.
Digital photograph, color print- 19.7 x 27.6 in

Mauro Guzmán, Guzmán Drive-in, 2008. Video installation, toy horse, 6 cars, 12 earphones.
DVD colour and sound. Dimensions variable.

Mauro Guzmán, Tomato Puree, 2010. Images of the performance piece in the Rojas Cultural Centre, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Photo credit: Jorge Miño

Mauro Guzmán works across performance, photography, cinema
and theatre, interchanging between the roles of the author, director, writer and actor. Starting with the cinematographic tradition of Argentina and its relationship to international cinema and art, he is interested in the tensions inherent in the production and reproduction of culture. Re-enacting and re-interpreting fragments from film and popular culture, Guzmán tells his own personal stories that may be humorous, romantic or disturbing. Employing aesthetic excess and over-performing, he often creates and subsequently destroys alter egos to explore his own identity as well as shared cultural assumptions.

Guzmán's recent works centre on cinematographic production. Examples include Pure de Tomate(2010) and Triade (2009) which employ aesthetic excess and inter-film abjection to break down traditional narratives and introduce marginal lines.

Mauro Guzman will conclude his residency with a performance at Gasworks by one of his alter ego's. The performance will commence at 6.00pm on the 23 september 2011. Guzman will also feature in an open studio weekend at Gasworks running from the 23-24 September 2011. 

Selected shows and projects include: Pure de Tomate, Central Cultural Ricardo Rojas, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2010), Triada, Museo Diario la Capital, Rosario, Argentina (2009), El Volcan Ceferino el Fantasma, una Mesa, unos Faunos, el Tunel, las Flores, y los Suenos de una Noche de Verano, Galeria Apetite, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2009), Linda Kong, Museo Diario la Capital, 4SAR, Rosario, Argentina (2008), Crudo, Ribuar Espacio de Arte, Rosario, Argentina (2008), Proyecto Linda Bler: Artista Poseida, Galeria Apetite, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2007), I Feel Like Linda Bler, Marasca Trip Gallery, Rosario, Argentina (2006).

Mauro Guzmán lives and works in Rosario, Argentina. His residency is supported by YPF Argentina.