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 Minae Kim, Distant Stairway, 2011

 Minae Kim, Blind Alley, 2011

 Minae Kim, Link, 2010

 Minae Kim, Conundrum, 2010

 Minae Kim, Conundrum (detail), 2010

 Minae Kim, 72 x 11, 2008

Minae Kim, Open Studio at Gasworks, 29-30 June 2012

Minae Kim, Open Studio at Gasworks, 29-30 June 2012

Minae Kim, Open Studio at Gasworks, 29-30 June 2012

Minae Kim lives and works between Gyeonggi-do, South Korea and London.

Minae Kim creates site-specific structures and spatial installations, which intervene in found spaces within urban and architectural environments. Working with natural materials, such as wood and steel, and with a strong geometric aesthetic influenced by commercial construction, Kim's works map and make visible overlooked spaces, highlighting and reflecting architectural details.
Although many works mirror the shape of known objects and clearly articulate a function, any possible use is playfully subverted. With the piece Conundrum, when we peer into what appears to be a telescope, instead of far off details appearing closer to us we find that the eye hole is covered by semi-transparent paper and that the main lens at the other end has been replaced by a double-sided mirror that can only reflect back our own gaze.

These works mostly take place in architectural spaces that Kim mentally as well as physically experiences, suggesting her work comes from an emotional relationship with the spaces themselves, but they also represent a critical discourse on the politics of architecture. In intervening in the architecture, by setting her works against specific backdrops with cultural significance, she comments upon the larger social, cultural and political systems which the architecture within a city may stand for.

Kim's sculptures negotiate space and work in dialogue with location, exploring and unearthing invisible boundaries, by questioning our relationship to our surroundings, they encourage a re-situating of ourselves with our physical environment. This process is also a way by which Kim questions herself and her own territory, representing her own negotiations and struggles with new social and cultural settings.

During her residency Kim will experiment with the potential of sculptural installation as a visual language, within a different cultural context: negotiating her new environment at Gasworks.

Recent solo exhibitions include Anonymous Scenes, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul (2008). Group shows include As Small as a World and Large as Alone, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul (2012), Bloomberg New Contemporaries, S1 Artspace, Sheffield/ ICA, London (2011), Incheon Women Artists' Biennale, Incheon Culture and Arts Centre, Incheon (2011), A Future Pump House, Pump House Gallery, London (2011), Kim Chong Yung Sculpture Award Exhibition, Kim Chong Yung Museum, Seoul (2011), and Future's Future's Future, Korean Cultural Centre UK, London (2010).

Minae Kim's residency is supported by ARKO (Arts Council Korea), the largest Korean funding body for the Arts. Its manifesto is based upon the promotion of emerging contemporary Korean artists, and opportunity for artistic development through partnership with foreign organisations.