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Nancy Friedemann was born and raised in Colombia by US father and Colombian mother. She now lives in New York. Her work reflects her experience of living between two cultures, questioning personal and cultural memory through the unravelling of patterns and by charting processed of transformation.

She uses crochet doily, lace, adapted texts of literature, automatic writing and Pig Latin (Jerigonza) in order to investigate the continuous effectiveness of old ways of thinking and their unconscious place in contemporary situations. This is achieved by the unravelling doily's structure as a way of marking time. In her work she has re-written novels and stories and has translated them - from English to Spanish - writing them in a continuous cursive line within the structures of crochet doilies. This process transforms language and turns words into a pattern alluding to the web of the mind. The method of work comes close to automatism and habit, with process describing the passing and noting of time.

Nancy Friedemann has recently completed a residency at Yaddo, NY. She has exhibitied at Queens Museum, NY and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Panama.

Nancy Friedemann was supported by the Pollock Krasner Foundation.