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Cover of Nicolas Simarik

Nicolas Simarik during his employment as a train driver.

La Deroute front cover

A page from within the publication La Deroute

Nicolas Simarik was one of six artists selected to take part in Holiday in, a collaborative residency and exhibition project focusing on ideas of travel and the phenomenon of artistic mobility. This was a joint project between Gasworks, CAC, and Triangle France.

Nicolas Simarik calls himself an 'observer, a sensor of details'. His work stems from an engagement with, and appropriation of, forms and objects borrowed from popular culture and everyday interaction. In the project La Deroute he fully re-created and published a version of the French clothing catalogue La Redoute featuring entirely members of France's immigrant population. La Deroute translates as 'retreat', a term that plays upon nationalistic tensions within France. As with all his work, the resulting artwork was situated in the most ordinary of public domains, in this case distributed free in shops in the manner of La Redoute catalogues.

For his residency at Gasworks, Nicolas Simarik proposed to have his 'holiday' as part of someone else's holiday; part invasion, part anthropology, and part social experiment, he joined foreign tourists in Britain as a way of investigating ideas and ideologies of leisure and escape.

International Artists' Talks

Tuesday 1st May, 6.30 for 7pm start

Gasworks presents artists’ talks from Paula von Seth, Nicolas Simarik, and Darius Mikšys as part of the International Residency Programme. Each artist will give a short presentation about his/her practice. Refreshments will be served. For further information, please call 020 7587 5202 or email Anna Vass on


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