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Pedro Neves Marques, The Pudic Relation Between Machine and Plant, 2016. 2' 30", video loop, sound. Made with the kind support of King's College Centre for Robotics Research, London. Courtesy of the artist and Galleria Umberto di Marino.

Pedro Neves Marques, Aedes Aegypti, 2017. Digital animation video, 1’50’’, loop. Produced by Pedro Neves Marques and Stenar Projects. With the support of Berardo Museum Collection. Courtesy of the artists and Galleria Umberto di Marino.

Pedro Neves Marques, Exterminator Seed, 2017. HD video still. 28’. Courtesy of the artist.

Pedro Neves Marques, The Limits to Growth, 2013. Digital video animation. 4' 42", colour, no sound, loop. Couresy of the artist.

Pedro Neves Marques is a visual artist and writer, working across fiction and theory, be it in the form of short fiction stories and critical essays, or in fiction films and more theoretically-based film-essays. Their works and writings focus mostly on issues in anthropology, with a particular dedication to Amerindian struggles and cosmologies in Brazil, where most of their films have been produced. They portray a cosmopolitics of relations that can be traced through the history of colonialism past and present, and which, because of that, constantly weave a dialogue with ecology, science and technology, ideas of futurity, and a critique of Western posthumanity.

For their residency at Gasworks, Pedro will continue their collaboration with Kings College Robotics Department, where they have filmed before, as well as with UCL’s Social Anthropology department. In doing so their aim is to confront modern and Amerindian ideas of futurity and the body. He will also use the time at Gasworks to finish the final draft of his first novel, titled Na Sombra dos Teriomorfos (Under the Shadow of the Theriomorphs).


Pedro Neves Marques lives and works in New York. They have recently published their second short-fiction book, Morrer na América (Dying in America), 2017, and premiered their short fiction film, Exterminator Seed, 2017, at Indie Lisboa Film Festival. Together with artist Mariana Silva, they run inhabitants, an online channel for exploratory video and documentary reporting: (

Pedro Neves Marques’ is hosted in the Juan Yarur Torres residency studio and their residency is supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.