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Pilar Quinteros, Lago Bulo, 2016. Video (3'06"), photograph and drawings. Image: María José Catalán. Courtesy of the artist.

Pilar Quinteros, Amigos del Movimiento Perpétuo, 2017. Installation, photograph and drawings. Courtesy of the artist.

Pilar Quinteros, Friendship of peoples Fountain, 2014. Video (41"55'), photograph and drawings. Image: Pinchuk Art Centre. Courtesy of the artist.

Pilar Quinteros, Cathedral of Freedom, 2014. Video (20"13'), photograph and drawings. Courtesy of the artist.

Pilar Quinteros works across drawing, sculpture, performance and video, often using cheap or recycled construction materials that are deliberately delicate and degradable. Physical labour and construction are central to the work, all undertaken by the artist and documented throughout the process in photography and video. Her projects often involve interventions in public space and consider the continual destruction and disappearance of what is taken for granted and to provide a bridge to imagining unexplored worlds.

During her residency at Gasworks Pilar will respond directly to the immediate surrounding of London and her experience of inhabiting a new city, researching and producing a work that allows its context to dictate its creation.


Pilar Quinteros Lives and works in Santiago. She gained a Bachelor of Arts from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile in 2011. Her recent solo exhibitions include El Faro del Progreso (Beacon of Progress), Gabriela Mistral Contemporary Art Gallery, Santiago; Amigos do Movimento Perpétuo (Friends of Perpetual Movement), Leme Gallery, São Paulo (both 2017); Oopart, Art Space Sagrada Mercancía, Santiago (2016); Cementerio Indio (Indian Cemetery), Sala de Arte CCU, Santiago; and Ephemeral replacement of a previous state, Carlos/Ishikawa, London (2015). Recent group exhibitions include Tremblor (tremor), 13° Bienal de Artes Mediales, Santiago; Building as Ever, California-Pacific Triennial, Orange County Museum of Arts, California; FAV, Festivalde las Artes de Valparaíso (all 2017); and Live Uncertainty, 32nd São Paulo Biennial (2016). 

Pilar Quinteros’s residency is supported by Fundación AMA and she is hosted in the Juan Yarur Torres Residency Studio.