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Ritesh Meshram, Untitled 3, 2010, Found Objects

Ritesh Meshram, Untitled 2, 2010, Found Objects

Ritesh Meshram, Open Studio Weekend at Gasworks, 30 - 31 March 2012

Ritesh Meshram, Installation View at Chemould Prescott Road, Mumbai, 2010

 Ritesh Meshram, Cylindrical Objects, 2011, white cement

Ritesh Meshram, Make Your Own Shoe Stretcher, 2011, white cement & wood

Ritesh Meshram, Open Studio Weekend at Gasworks, 30 - 31 March 2012

Originally working as a painter, Ritesh Meshram has subsequently been experimenting with varied mediums, including illustration, video, sound and sculpture as well as site specific installations and assemblages on drastically different scales.

Meshram's recent focus has been the production of a series of concrete studies of items from his own studio, illustrating his fascination with the shape and design of objects used within our daily routines. Believing these objects to hold a kind of spectre of human lives, he uses their forms to trace human identity whilst exploring the ambiguous line of distinction between the natural and the artificial.

The process of making itself is central to Meshram's practice- spontaneity, improvisation and accident all being an integral part of his working process; the act of play as the only means to by which to create.

During his time at Gasworks, Meshram intends to continue his studies of everyday objects drawn from what will be his first personal encounters outside of his homeland.

Ritesh Meshram lives and works in Mumbai. Previously the artist has exhibited at Birla Art Gallery, Mumbai (2008), Triveni Art Gallery New Delhi (2007) and Kamal Nayan Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai (2004). He has also participated in group exhibitions; India Art Fair, Chemould Prescott Road (2011), Bringing In the New, Chemould (2010), and Roots: Young Art of India, White Square Art Gallery, Berlin (2009).

His residency is the result of a collaboration with the Creative India Foundation (CIF) whose core aims are to promote awareness of Indian art and culture and enhance its appreciation globally.