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Shadi Habib's practice presents a playfulness with issues around existentialism and the sublime. Through a variety of media including animation, installation, events-based practice, and sculpture, he uses simple images and objects to make reference to human limitation in the world and our bold naivety in the face of our own limitation.

His most recent work An Ongoing Tale, 2006 presents a witty and thoughtfully installed animation where two projections act in dialogue with each other, one projected on the floor and one on the wall. This simple animation, presented in part as a birds eye view, explores issues in survival of the fittest where nature and man engage in a constant cycle of power and conquest.

Untitled, 2004 constitutes a series of plaster casts of dented rubbish bin lids arranged in a grid on the wall alongside two, small figures with the heads of mice, father and son, standing on a plinth but pausing on an unknown journey. The uncertainty of their quest alongside the references to laboratory experimentation and trash raise present the double edged sword that is human progress against a human lack of direction. The experience of the room causes the viewer unease through deliberately cold air conditioning and cool blue lighting.

In 2006 Habib developed a continuation of the An Ongoing Tale series through animation, whose processes were displayed in an Open Studio on 14th-17th December at Gasworks gallery.

Habib graduated in 2003 from Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem, and was awarded 2nd prize in the Young Artist Award of the Al-Qattan Foundation.

Shadi Habib's residency was organized in conjunction with ArtSchool Palestine as part of their ongoing commitment to create opportunities for outstanding young artists to be based in the UK and was supported by Visiting Arts, British Council - Palestinian Territories, Nabil Hani Qaddumi and Charles Asprey.

Open Studio

Preview 14 Dec 6.30-8pm
Open 15-17 Dec 12-6pm

Visiting artists Cao Guimarães and Shadi Habib presented works in progress in their studios at Gasworks.

Visiting Artists' Talks

Tues 24 October 6.30-8pm
The artists gave short illustrated presentations of their work.