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Still from Rustle TV documentation

Still from Rustle TV documentation

Still from Rustle TV documentation

location of CCTV camera during the project

screened footage during the project

Shaina Anand is a critical media practitioner working in Mumbai. Under the title ChitraKarKhana she has worked on a number of projects and writings. At once conveying in Hindi the meanings picture factory and artist food, ChitraKarKhana is dedicated to enabling small scale experiments in broadcast and micro media. The work is conceived in part as exploring alternatives to India’s recent proliferation of privatized television networks, as well as the global hegemony of corporate media conglomerates. Just as essential to the content of ChitraKarKhana’s projects are the formats, technologies and processes involved in realising them: self-generated content, and an emphasis on low-tech infrastructures and site-specific, DIY production facilities.

In the project KhirkeeYaan (Khirkee Extension New Dehli 2006), which took place during a residency at Khoj, Delhi, Anand set up highly localised networks of CCTV cameras and screens whose purpose was to provide a temporary television link-up between local settings. The work induced everything from amateur television-presenting skills, to karaoke sessions, to spontaneous discussion of issues pertinent to life in the city . The low cost and relative ease of installation for CCTV exposes one of Anand’s sustained interests in ‘free media’ and self-generated content in relation to equitable accessibility to media technologies as well as current debates over copyright and authorship.

Anand has been invited to take part in Gasworks Residency Programme in an exceptional two-stage residency. In the first phase of her individual residency (July-August 2008), Anand spent her time in London editing CCTV footage collected for a project at the Cornerhouse, Manchester called Social CCTV. Dealing with sources such as Marx and Engels' economic theories and modelling them through a set narrative structure, this footage is the first chapter of a larger project called Capital Circus.

For this second phase of her residency, Anand plans collected interviews and documentation with critical media practitioners and organisations that have been active since their practices perceived heyday in the early 1990s. Through her research, Anand explored the differing conditions and changing outlooks that have either enabled practitioners to continue their projects, or have caused them to alter their practices radically.

In April 2007, Anand was invited alongside Ashok Sukumaran as part of their joint project CAMP to develop research for Gasworks project Disclosures.

Shaina Anand is the 2008 recipient of the Charles Wallace India Trust Award for Indian artists. Anand has participated in a residency at Khoj, Delhi, and has exhibited projects at Frankfurter Kunstverein, Ars Electronica, Linz, and Cornerhouse, Manchester.




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