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Shepherd Mahufe's work is characterised by experimental and intuitive processes. Using a wide range of media, he draws on subjects from everyday life. During his residency at Gasworks, Shepherd has become a familiar figure in the local community which is reflected in his paintings inspired by friends, new surroundings and typical activities of Londoners. As a first time visitor to London, Shepherd sees everyday things in a fresh and celebratory manner.

Shepherd will lead visual art, drumming and dance workshops with Grove House Primary School for deaf children in South London. London Print Studio have generously provided Shepherd will facilities to learn new printmaking techniques which will lead to an ongoing partnership between Gasworks and LPS. Shepherd has exhibited regularly at Delta Gallery, Harare and shown in USA and UK. Awards include the Annual Heritage Exhibition at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe and a residency in USA awarded by the city of Chicago. Shepherd Mahufe's paintings will be exhibited at The Africa Centre, 38 King Street, Covent Garden, London WC2 from 8 - 16 September (please phone for details: 0171 836 1973). This exhibition marks the first collaboration between The Africa Centre and Gasworks.

Bulelwa Madekurozwa and Shepherd Mahufe's residencies, exhibitions and outreach programme have been made possible through the support of Arts for Everyone and The British Council, Harare.