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Shreyas Karle, 2011

Shreyas Karle, 2011

 Shreyas Karle, Sparrow fly, 2011, medium-collage laser print on acidified paper

Working across disciplines, Shreya Karle uses formats such as illustration, collage, video, publications, sculptural forms and collaborative community projects. Although often referencing the mundane and everyday, Karle’s work uses absurdity and visual puns to reflect upon more serious social and psychological issues and situations.

Karle intends to use the residency not only to reflect upon his own practice, but to question the means by which he finds himself in the UK; observing and questioning the changing role of the residency in the contemporary art system, and the role of the artist within this system.


Shreyas Karle Is currently living and working in Mumbai, India. His residency is the supported jointly by the Charles Wallace India Trust and the Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation.