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One Kind of Behavior, 2000. Buckets, Motors, Metal Construction, Sensor, and Wood Floor. Image courtesy of Fubon Art Foundation.

mechanical elements both as a creative media and as the focus of a deeper discussion concerning life. Just as with the Tin man, in the children's fairy tale "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz", Shyu Reuy-Shiann is determined to place a heart in the bodies of the empty metallic objects he creates.

Indeed it is precisely this intent that gave life and vitality to his work, during his residency. For Shyu, machines were not simply an extension of the human body to be used for the express purpose of completing daily tasks. He believed that through the process of artistic creation it was possible for (seemingly purely utilitarian) machines to be infused with living memories and concern for life. This theme was emphasised in his work through the gentle rhythm produced in the repeated motion of his objects.

Open studios were on the 12th December, 6-8pm and 13-15th December 12-6pm.

Supported by Visiting Arts, Taipei Artists Village, and The British Council, Taiwan.