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Soñando, an exhibition of sculpture, drawing and installation was the result of a residency at Gasworks by two Cuban artists, Tania Bruguera and Fernando Rodriguez. Both residencies took place alongside the exhibition New Art from Cuba at the Whitechapel Art Gallery in which they were represented.

'In the series exhibited at Gasworks, De lo posible (About the Possible), Bruguera constructed a series of flying objects. Those who have dollars can now afford to travel by air, but flying can also be a metaphorical activity, a dream, where one can invent and improvise to compensate for things in short supply. To construct her flying machines, or the wings of Greek mythology, Bruguera scoured the streets of Vauxhall and Whitechapel for objects that would be luxuries in Cuba but here are condemned to the dustbin and the skip. A petrol can, a glove, a broken umbrella, can all be transformed by the power of her metaphors. The emotional impact of the piece validates the use of a familiar language by the originality of its intention.'

From: Lorés, Maite. The Art of Cuba, Art Line International, ARTnews,vol.6, no.3. Autumn, London, England, 1995 (illust.) pp. 18 - 20.