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Suresh works with the imagery, history and documents of architecture, the city, and the ecosystems that are sustained within them. His work has so far been based in Bangalore, infusing its colonial farming history with the present local and cultural farming practices of the Thigalas.

His work is prompted by concerns related to the city and how we occupy it. It seeks the local amidst the global sensibility of London. It is a difficult and poignant search for an identity soon to be lost. He plans to work with photographs, sound, found images, texts from botanical drawings, to create a project that pushes further the ideas of the native/foreign, the local/global, the urban/rural and London/Bangalore.

In London, he explored the nation that has played such a significant role in the construction of the cityscape where he presently works. Referring to spaces such as Hyde Park in London and Cubbon Park in Bangalore as his 'gardens of earthly delights,' he nevertheless refuses to romanticise nature, aiming instead producing apparently dispassionate, map-like images which reflect natural survival in the urban context - the organic superimposed on the cartographic/bureaucratic.

Suresh has also initiated artists' residencies at the Khoj International Artists' Workshop in India, part of Triangle Arts Trust.