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Vincenzo Grosso, Day After no.1, 2010. Oil on canvass. 

Vincenzo Grosso, Day After no.2, 2010. Oil on canvass.

 Vincenzo Grosso, Plattenbau, 2010. Oil on canvass.

The work of Vicenzo Grosso engages with the evolution of the urban cityscape. As a result of his background in graffiti, Grosso has developed an understanding of the multiple layers and textures of the urban world and how these evolve over time. By often choosing to paint with spatulas instead of brushes, he develops work where the paint is pulled and spread across his chosen canvasses as if applied by a spray can.

Grosso's earlier works comment on the virulent growth and regeneration of the city's own landscape by depicting offices, municipal housing and tower blocks rising from great swathes of paint and colour. He attempts to reveal the transparency of the architecture of reconstruction symptomatic of the excessive consumerism of society.

During his residency, Grosso intends to explore the often forgotten and overlooked world of abandoned places and disused industrial spaces through painting, installation and found objects.

The artist's recent solo shows include: Manufacturing of consent, XLAB Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2010); Bad Religion, Centro Polifunzionale, Nuoro, Italy (2009-10); Brutal Connection, B-loft Cellar, Turin, Italy (2008); Firme Fuori Luogo, Caffe Letterario Tritico Ironico, Roma, Italy (2005); WHIZZ, Circolo Culturale Plaid, Cuneo, Italy (2004)

This residency is supported by Il Museo d'arte della Provincia di Nuoro (MAN)